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martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Reading posible examen

Intentad hacer este Reading Comprehension sobre los próximos Juegos Olímpicos del 2012 en Londres. No está de más que miréis este vocabulario, y como es un tema de actualidad, puede que tenga posibilidades de ser un texto adecuado para examen de selectividad. Si tenéis alguna duda, dejadme algún comentario e intentaré ayudaros. ¡¡¡¡¡SUERTE!!!!!

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011


36. He ran past me.

37. Your essay is off the point.

38. What time do you get home? (“reach” indica dificultad en el logro).

39. …for her family.

40. ... with my schoolmates//fellow students.

41. Her mother is going to pick her up from school. (“Fetch” se usa para recoger cosas, objetos).

42. She had a filial piety. (devoción)

43. We arranged the furniture. (“furniture” es incontable y por lo tanto va siempre en singular)

44. I had to collect the equipment. (“equipment” es incontable, singular)

45. There were three pieces of evidence (“evidence” incontable, singular)

46. She suffers from gastric problems.

47. He presented (“entregó”) the prizes. (“Give away” implica que era algo gratis o sin esfuerzo)

48. Let’s go to see a show (To go + to INF: ir a + INF)

49. We tried to get on the bus (To get on/onto: subirse a un tren/bus/avión,...; To get in/into: subirse a un coche)

50. We went up the stage.

51. When I phoned her, they said that she had already gone back.

52. They talk about the going-ons. (El plural de una palabra compuesta se pone en la última parte).

53. Hand in your work (“Hand in”: entregar tareas, trabajo, etc).

54. She had a fever // She was running a fever.

55. Switch on the light for me.

56. He was sounding his horn at me.

57. We tried to cope with the problem.

58. I was considered a real angel.

59. He was always dependent.

60. His standard has gone down (“go down: empeorar”)

61. Regardless of what has happened....

62. My mother forbade me to go out. (“Forbid: prohibir”)

63. She dressed very attractively.

64. I dressed in my school uniform (“To dress in: ir vestido de...”)

65. I want to emphasise this point // put special emphasis on this point.

66. Even though she was French.

67. I have never seen this before // I jhave seen this before.

68. She had never been to Paris.

69. He was always calling for help.

70. They look forward to providing a friendly service.

Solución a los errores. 2ª Parte

16. I would do something indoors

17. I stayed in the washroom for 30 minutes. Hopefully, my body would be dry by then.

18.  There were a lot of people looking at me.

19. turn the fan to a higher power.

20. From time to time loud crashes.

21. I could see the ancient house.

22. I saw a human figure.

23. ...intent on getting their revenge.

24 We changed into different clothes.

25. I agree with the statement that she made.

26. I came down from the bus

27. We were engaging in chitchat.

28. There were a lot of people.

29. Although it is late I will still come.

30. I was waiting from my results.

31. The reporter was biased against him and was always criticising him.

32. He complained about the reporter is bias.

33. I will take you there.

34 He was of medium build.

35. They were made in China.

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Solución a los errores. 1ª Parte

1. Is there any tomato soup today?
2. There aren’t any oranges in the fridge.
3. There isn’t any water, but there is some coffee.
4. Is there any tea? Yes, there is.
5. Is there any ice-cream? Yes, there is.
6. There are some lemons in the kitchen.
7. There are some books on the table.
8. Is there any apple pie?
9. My father was born in 1950.
10. Look! It’s raining.
11. Every day, he gets up early.
12. The weather is unpredictible//changeable here.
13. This is a scene showing a natural disaster.
14. He was wearing (a pair of) long pants.
15. They seem to be happy.