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jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Solución a los errores. 2ª Parte

16. I would do something indoors

17. I stayed in the washroom for 30 minutes. Hopefully, my body would be dry by then.

18.  There were a lot of people looking at me.

19. turn the fan to a higher power.

20. From time to time loud crashes.

21. I could see the ancient house.

22. I saw a human figure.

23. ...intent on getting their revenge.

24 We changed into different clothes.

25. I agree with the statement that she made.

26. I came down from the bus

27. We were engaging in chitchat.

28. There were a lot of people.

29. Although it is late I will still come.

30. I was waiting from my results.

31. The reporter was biased against him and was always criticising him.

32. He complained about the reporter is bias.

33. I will take you there.

34 He was of medium build.

35. They were made in China.

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